Jarios Jiri

Jairos Jiri Association provides rehabilitation services to people living with disabilities, currently they are catering  for 195 children with various disabilities.

Starting with grocery donations, this lead us into Jarios Jiri with various donations of items, printers, and maintenance of a hostel which was name Nashua in honor of the donations and assistance given to the Jairos Jiri Centre in Southerton , Harare.

We admire and marvel at the children from JJ as they bring an energy to life that most fully abled boded people do not have. They are positive, energetic, enthusiastic and very contagious. Anyone who has been to the Jairos Jiri centre will testify to this effect. There is no doubt that one’s disability can become the point of one’s success.

God has a way of using peoples’ weakness and disabilities to elevate them.

People living with disabilities should refuse to be judged by other people’s standards making their uniqueness a cause of celebration.

Of course disability does not mean inability what it creates is an innovation that is marveled at  by all . Indeed people living with disabilities should disabuse themselves of the notion that inferior to the able boded people thereby portraying themselves as people who depends on assistance or other people.

They should instead celebrate their uniqueness and take advantage of opportunities that come their way and become agents of change which will enable them to readily embrace civic responsibilities and challenges.

As Nashua we invest in people living with disabilities especially young/ children as a way of empowering them to make a difference in their lives.

Contact Details


Harare Head Office

Nashua House, 5 Edison Cresent, Graniteside,
Harare, Zimbabwe
0242 756931- 8

Bulawayo Office

13 Chatham Road, Belmont, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
0292 77812